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Pro League and itsme launched pilot for reliable ticket identification

Pro League and itsme have started a collaboration to explore new possibilities for enhanced ticket management and supporter identification. In a phased pilot project with the cooperation of Sporting Charleroi, itsme will be utilized for verifying the identity of fans. Through this partnership, both parties aim to assess how itsme technology can be used for secure ticket sales and fan identification in the stadium without compromising on user-friendliness. 

Sporting Charleroi

The pilot phase started during Sporting Charleroi's home match against Genk on February 23 and will continue until the playoffs. Fans are informed about the pilot and the option to undergo identity verification via the itsme app for the club's upcoming matches through Sporting Charleroi's website and channels. This allows fans unfamiliar with itsme to get acquainted with the app. 

Secure identification

Through this project, the Pro League and itsme underscore their shared ambition to prioritize innovation and safety for fans in the stadium. If the pilot receives positive evaluation, broader implementation of itsme at other clubs in the future is a possibility. 

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