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MeDirect joins forces with itsme to make online registration simpler & faster for customers.

In 2020, MeDirect’s integration of itsme for digital verification of identity slashed the customer registration time from 4 days to just 10 minutes. This partnership with itsme is a key element in the realisation of the growth plan of MeDirect.

MeDirect offers easy access to savings and investment products, along with a low cost of entry courtesy of its digital and mobile banking platform. Renowned for its simple and transparent investment products, the savings & investment bank was crowned “Savings Bank of the Year” in 2017 and “Best Savings Bank” in 2020. With MeDirect, Belgians can invest in funds without unnecessary costs, save profitably, and access higher yields via the use of an investment plan.

Since 2017, itsme has been Belgium’s must-have digital identity app, as it dispenses with the need for card readers and online passwords. itsme allows users to identify themselves, verify their digital actions and add official signatures in two very easy ways: either with a single five-digit personal code (always the same everywhere), or via fingerprint recognition. The identification data entered and shared by the user is always correct, reliable and safe. The app already has over 2.8 million active users and works in conjunction with numerous partners from a variety of sectors, including banking, public services, healthcare, insurance, human resources, social security services, document management platforms, real estate, notaries, accounting firms, service infrastructures, transport and many more.

Since these two Belgian companies teamed up in 2020, there has already been a significant rise in online registrations with MeDirect. Confirming the identity of new customers was previously a complex and fiddly process but the involvement of itsme has made it simpler and quicker, as it’s no longer necessary to verify your personal data at every stage or to complete lengthy forms... In just one click, all of the required data is shared safely and securely.

A MeDirect registration application is now processed in just 10 minutes instead of 4 days, which has enabled MeDirect’s conversion rate to increase by 14%. It’s proof positive that a good user experience facilitates customer engagement, which is essential for our next phase of growth as a niche player in the Belgian digital banking and asset management sector”,explains Tim Rooney, CEO of MeDirect Belgium.

This success is down to the fact that nearly 45% of MeDirect account applications are now linked to the itsme app.

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