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Bolero: log in with itsme and manage your investments

People are now used to using their smartphones to follow the stock market. Already, 30% of Bolero orders are placed via a mobile device. Clients especially like being able to log into all the Bolero apps with one PIN instead of needing a card reader. Nonetheless, a good many investors still regularly check their Bolero portfolios on their trusty desktops. So, can we simply this for them?

We certainly can. Bolero has the ideal partner in itsme. With itsme, Bolero clients no longer need their Bolero digipass or KBC card reader with them to log in on their computer. itsme gives them fast, simple access to the stock market, anywhere, anytime, entirely securely.

To use itsme, they just activate it as login method in the Bolero settings (it’s then a permanent setting). After that, logging into Bolero is easy: Bolero user name and identification with the five-figure PIN or fingerprint in the itsme app.

In recent years, Bolero has consistently stood at the vanguard of innovation and the application of new technologies in the European brokerage sector, with the unwavering aim of making life so much easier for clients who invest through us. We’re therefore only too pleased to be the first Belgian broker to lend our weight to the launch of itsme. The itsme mobile identity means that clients can log into the Bolero stockbroking platform not only more easily but also more securely. In the next phase, we’ll be seeing other itsme applications like signing contracts or confirming trades, etc.

Bart Vanhaeren, CEO Bolero - Managing director KBC Securities