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itsme seals a deal with Microsoft and Adobe

itsme is very happy to announce that we can now add to the growing list of itsme partners, two major international software IT players: Microsoft and Adobe.

Since the launch in May 2017, itsme has been making our life online easier and more secure, while at the same time speeding up the process of digital transformation offering 4 powerful services:

  • Easy onboarding: with itsme, you are 100% certain that someone is who she/he claims to be;

  • Secure login into websites, mobile apps or any other IoT device or application;

  • Confirm your consent, an order or a payment without the need for a card-reader;

  • Sign contracts legally binding and with the highest level of assurance.

itsme is very happy to announce that we can now add to the growing list of itsmepartners, two major international software IT players: Microsoft and Adobe.

“Thanks to the cooperation with Microsoft and Adobe, we have been able to improve significantly the added value of itsme as a key enabler for digital transformation in the industry” says Kris De Ryck, CEO itsme“The unequivocal authentication provided by itsmeensures that customers are able to access the information they need, quickly and securely. And the itsme qualified signature offers consumers a very simple – and totally mobile – method of signing documents with the highest level of assurance.”

Log in securely with itsme on Microsoft

itsme is now available as a login method on Microsoft Azure AD B2C. This is a cloud service for Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM) that offers ‘Client and Citizen Identification’ as a service. Having itsme on board means that organizations can now offer their customers or citizens to log in seamlessly using their itsme identity.

“Cybersecurity is an increasing challenge for most commercial and public sector customers. At Microsoft we know that most cyberattacks start with human error, which is why it is so important that organizations enforce multifactor authentication on their own employees to secure their data and the data of their customers. Our partnership with itsme for Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory B2C identity service demonstrates our commitment to driving partnerships for a heterogeneous world.”

Didier Ongena, General Manager Microsoft Belux

Azure Active Directory B2C processes billions of authentications for millions of users on a daily basis. Given its white-label nature, it integrates perfectly into customers’ applications. From now on companies using this Microsoft solution can ask their integrators to activate itsme in their applications with a simple push on the button!

Sign with itsme on Adobe Sign [qualified signature according to eIDAS]

From now the qualified signature of itsme is available on Adobe Sign, enabling organisations to route, sign and track documents in a fully digital way. It’s much easier, faster, easier and more efficient with less customer dropout. So extremely good news for business!

“As a founding member of the Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC), Adobe is pleased that itsme shares our vision of an open standard for seamless access to qualified cloud signatures as a key enabler of digital transformation that will dramatically improve the signing experience.” 

John Jolliffe, Adobe Senior Manager, Strategic Development, Document Cloud 

Anyone using Adobe Sign can have their customers sign documents with itsme Sign. A qualified signature compliant with the highest standard of the EU eIDAS regulation and recognized as such in the entire European market. To be well noted that it is also possible to sign in third-party software, such as Microsoft Office, Salesforce and Dropbox, where Adobe Sign is already integrated.