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KBC's secure advantage: empowering customers with itsme for raising payment limit

In the fast-paced world of digital finance, KBC wants to stand out by providing customers with a secure and seamless banking experience. Through the integration of itsme within the KBC Mobile App, the bank not only upholds PSD2 compliance but also maintains a strong commitment to enhancing security and user convenience. 

The challenge:  

KBC recognizes the growing threat of phishing and the need to strengthen the security of financial transactions. At the same time, they aim to provide their customers with a seamless and user-friendly experience. The challenge is to find a solution that meets both requirements. 

the itsme solution

With itsme, KBC found the perfect solution. itsme not only provides an additional layer of security in line with PSD2 regulation but also offers a streamlined method for confirming transactions such as adjusting payment limits. Through the integration of itsme into the KBC Mobile App, customers can securely and swiftly change their payment limits, and thanks to a clear and very transparent overview of the limited amount. 

Enhancing Customer Experience

Consider the scenario of a KBC customer using the KBC Mobile App and itsme to adjust their payment limits. The intuitive navigation of the process and the additional layer of security provided by itsme exemplify KBC's commitment to ensuring both customer satisfaction and transactional safety.

Secure and easy banking 

Customers consistently enjoy the benefits of itsme® for securely managing their payment limits and other financial transactions. The transparent nature of the process and the robust security measures embedded in itsme® contribute to an ongoing positive banking experience. 

Learn more, talk to our experts

For a deeper understanding of how itsme can help with your financial services, we invite you to engage with our experts. Explore the secure and easy banking solutions offered by itsme.