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Signing notarial deeds with itsme is now possible

Recently, the signing of a deed for various transactions like donations, house purchases, or loans is made simple with itsme. All parties involved can now digitally sign a notarial deed with the app, while however being physically present in the notary office.

Prior to the possibility of e-signing notarial deeds with itsme, certain other transactions were already digitalised. More specifically, powers of attorney (since 2020), deeds of incorporation (since 2021), and other company deeds (since 2023) can also be signed with itsme. For these transactions, physical presence is not required.

Fednot & itsme, a successful collaboration

itsme is successfully collaborating with the Royal Federation of Belgian Notaries (Fednot) to streamline also other digital services for notaries and citizens. Besides signing notarial documents and deeds, a citizen or notary can also easily consult notarial documents in the izimi digital safe after a login with itsme.

The reference in digital identity 

Collaborating closely with Belgian notaries, itsme stands out as one of Europe's most reliable and user-friendly digital identity solutions. With itsme, users can authenticate themselves, log in securely, confirm transactions, and digitally sign documents. This encompasses a Qualified Electronic signature, holding the same legal weight as a handwritten one. Consequently, entities like governments, banks, notaries, insurers, and mortgage providers can efficiently process documents entirely digitally.