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Getting documents signed with QES & itsme: how does it work?

Signing or getting documents signed with a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) is very straightforward. You first need to choose a document platform that offers QES and can help with digitizing your document administration. The good news is that all major international document platforms have the itsme e-signature (=QES) integrated into their platform. Using itsme ensures legal compliance, full security, and ease of use.

Upload, send & signed

Once your business account is set up on the document platform of your choice, you can easily upload your document(s), choose itsme as the preferred signing option, send it out, and all signatories will be promptly notified to review and electronically sign the document using itsme. This streamlined process, combined with the user-friendly itsme app, ensures legal validity and an efficient, transparent experience.

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