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Fujitsu Luxembourg and itsme: a new step in Digital Transaction Management 

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital technology, Digital Transaction Management services are emerging as key solutions for quickly and efficiently managing the entire lifecycle of a transaction, from its creation and signature to its storage and archiving (e.g. ideal for onboarding of new customers or contractualization). The new partnership between Fujitsu Luxembourg, a leading provider of innovative digital solutions, and itsme, a major player in the field of digital identity and security, is set to revolutionize the sector. 

Background: a tradition of successful partnerships 

Fujitsu Luxembourg has an history of successful collaborations, as evidenced by its decade-long partnership with Namirial, a European Qualified Trusted Service Provider. This collaboration has been instrumental in digitizing retail banks and expanding services across various industries (e.g. banks, insurances companies, telecommunication, transport, healthcare, …). Key products like "eSignAnyWhere" have revolutionized electronic signing by providing perfect ergonomics for users, robustness, and complete compliance with European regulation. This partnership demonstrates Fujitsu's commitment to innovation with customer-centric solutions and has long years of prosperity ahead. That’s why we are always searching opportunities to increase the powerful “eSAW” solution, to support our clients in a context of perpetual change and ever-increasing demands. 

The collaboration between Fujitsu Luxembourg and itsme is part of a strategy to expand our digital services offering under a single banner, guaranteeing consistency, security and ease of use for our customers, and meeting the demands of a constantly evolving market” says Cédric Jadoul, Managing Director of Fujitsu Luxembourg.  

Photo with Cédric Jadoul, Dirk Vander Ghinst, Steve Heggen

itsme: a new dimension in digital identity 

The itsme app, itsme’s flagship product, brings a new dimension to digital identity and security. The app simplifies online connections, account creations, transactions, and qualified digital signings, making it a versatile tool for various industries. itsme’s focus on security, ease of use, and privacy aligns perfectly with Fujitsu's mission to provide comprehensive, secure and user-friendly digital solutions. 

Enhancing customer experience and security 

The partnership with itsme is set to enhance the customer experience significantly. itsme’s robust security measures and user-friendly interface ensure that personal data is protected while making digital interactions seamless. This integration will benefit a wide range of customers, from individual users to large corporations, by providing a secure and efficient way to manage digital identities and transactions. 

Complementing and expanding Fujitsu's offerings 

While Namirial remains a key partner, itsme’s integration into Fujitsu's portfolio is not just an addition but a significant enhancement. itsme’s services, including professional identification, authentication, confirmation, and Qualified electronic Signature (QES), complement Namirial's offerings. This synergy will support Fujitsu's position in the market, providing customers with a more comprehensive range of digital transaction management solutions. 

The advantage for companies 

Our customers stand to gain hugely from this partnership. They will have access to a broader range of digital services under one umbrella, ensuring consistency, security, and ease of use. The integration of itsme’s services with Fujitsu's existing offerings means customers can enjoy a more streamlined and efficient digital transaction experience, whether it's for personal use or within their businesses. 

In all types of transactions, the benefits of using digital transactions are clear: reduction in paper use, reliability and simplification of transactions, increased traceability, reduced processing time for requests, optimized archiving, etc. All of this cannot be achieved without guaranteeing the authentication of the participants. This is where itsme will contribute its part to the endeavor. 

Embracing the Future with the EU Digital Identity Wallet and eIDAS II Regulation 

As we look towards the future of digital identity and security, the European Union's initiative on the Digital Identity Wallet and the revised eIDAS II regulation play a crucial role. This innovative project by the European Commission aims to simplify identity verification across the EU, enhancing the single market. The Digital Identity Wallet will offer every EU citizen, resident, or business a digital version of various personal documents. This wallet is designed to work alongside existing ID documents, not replace them, focusing on high security, interoperability, and privacy. 

For Fujitsu Luxembourg and itsme’s, this development is a golden opportunity. Our partnership is now more relevant than ever, aligning with the EU's vision for a streamlined and secure digital identity framework. By integrating with the standards of the EU Digital Identity Wallet, Fujitsu Luxembourg and itsme can offer solutions that are not only compliant with EU regulations but also highly secure and user-friendly. This move will enable us to expand our reach across the EU, providing our services to a wider audience. Interoperability is a major challenge that we propose to address, in order to facilitate intra-border and cross-border transactions. 

Since its launch in 2017, itsme has always focused on the balance between security and user convenience. In that context, we are fully compliant with the European eIDAS regulation, recognized at Level of Assurance ‘High’ for online identification and ‘Qualified’ for the electronic signature,” states Stephanie De Bruyne, CEO of itsme. “We already support 10 different countries, and there are more to come. Our partnership with Fujitsu underlines our common vision: supporting European citizens and companies by providing highly secure and extremely convenient digital interactions.”   

This initiative also opens doors for us to innovate in many sectors, where secure digital identity solutions are increasingly in demand. The flexibility offered by the EU in the implementation of the Digital Identity Wallet allows us to tailor our solutions to meet the diverse needs of Luxembourg and different EU countries. This adaptability is key in our commitment to providing customer-centric solutions. 

This partnership between Fujitsu Luxembourg and itsme’s is more than just a business collaboration; it's a step forward in the digital transformation journey. It underscores Fujitsu's commitment to providing top-notch digital solutions and its adaptability to evolving market needs. For our customers, this means access to cutting-edge technology and services that are secure, user-friendly, and efficient. As we continue to navigate the digital era, partnerships like these are pivotal in shaping a more connected and secure digital landscape.