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Bolero's accelerated their KYC process with itsme identity verification  

In the fast-paced world of digital transactions, the need for a secure and efficient Know Your Customer (KYC) process is paramount. Bolero, KBC's online investment platform, has successfully streamlined its customer onboarding process by integrating itsme for identity verification. This strategic move has not only resulted in a significant reduction in onboarding time but has also enhanced every step of the investment journey.

itsme®: A trusted identity verification solution

itsme® has emerged as a transformative identity solution for businesses seeking to meet compliance and streamline customer onboarding. Recognizing its potential, Bolero strategically leveraged itsme® capabilities for KYC and all identity verification steps.

Accelerated KYC Process

Bolero's integration of itsme into the customer onboarding process has resulted in an impressive decrease in onboarding time. Previously taking 5 days, it now only takes 5 minutes—all while maintaining KYC compliance. This ensures a smoother and more efficient experience for customers, enabling them to track the stock market efficiently while allowing Bolero to seize investment opportunities swiftly.


Comprehensive identity verification

Beyond the initial onboarding phase, Bolero has implemented itsme for various identity verification steps throughout the customer journey. From login authentication to confirming investments, and payments, and signing contracts or other documents, itsme offers a comprehensive solution, enhancing security at every interaction.

Customer-Centric Approach

Itsme gives Bolero’s clients fast and simple access to the stock market, anywhere, anytime, entirely securely. Simplifying identity verification processes demonstrates a commitment to putting the customer first, contributing to a positive overall customer experience, and fostering long-term relationships and loyalty. 


Bolero, was one of the first to transform its customer onboarding process with itsme and elevate the entire investment journey with the integration of itsme. The remarkable drop in onboarding time and the seamless identity verification showcase Bolero's dedication to providing a secure, efficient, and customer-friendly experience. As the financial landscape continues to evolve, Bolero stands out and enhances the online investment journey and has set new industry standards.

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