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itsme creates unprecedented unity

For the first time in Belgium, the major banks are launching a joint advertising campaign in conjunction with the leading telecoms operators. The aim is to demonstrate that itsme is the most secure login for all Belgians

“We agree 100% with ING”, proclaims a poster from BNP Paribas Fortis. “We totally agree with KBC”, then says ING. “We share the opinion of BNP Paribas Fortis”, they declare at KBC. Whereupon the banks all continue in unison with: “itsme is the most secure login.” The telecoms operators Proximus, Telenet and Orange Belgium are also in total agreement that itsme is the safest way to log into your account

The campaign will run in June throughout the whole of Belgium and be featured on posters in the main towns and cities, as well as at stations and online (video, Meta and YouTube). Never before have competing companies in Belgium come out with a single, united advertising message. The banks and telecoms operators have a common goal that they all share with itsme: making our lives online easier, as well as more secure. “Our aim with this campaign is to surprise,” says Sylvie Vandevelde, Chief Marketing Officer at itsme. “the campaign makes banks talk about other banks – and even pay each other compliments. And the telecoms companies do the same thing. Without any individual self-interest, but all together. For the safety and security of all their customers.

itsme was launched in 2017 with the aim of providing all citizens with a single digital identity. Five years later, the impressive figures from itsme show that it was the right decision to bring partners together from all fields (banking and telecoms, as well as government, insurance, real estate, document platforms, etc.) to achieve this goal for society.