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itsme celebrates its 4th birthday by supporting the Flagey Academy children’s and youth choir.

Flagey Academy & itsme: on the way to their own identity. "your voice is unique, your identity too"

Digital inclusion 

In 2017, Belgium discovered the itsme identity app that every Belgian can use to undeniably confirm his or her digital identity. It seems that itsme is already making a significant contribution towards digital inclusion. In the space of four years, around 40% of the Belgian adult population has created an itsme account and 3.2 million of our citizens use the app to identify themselves online, confirm digital transactions and sign documents electronically. Every day, more than 3,500 new users sign up to itsme.

For some people, digital developments in society are advancing very quickly. Thanks to itsme, they can now take not just one, but a hundred steps at once. “Once you have used itsmewith one partner, you realise perfectly well how you can log in with dozens of other partners,” explains CEO, Stephanie De Bruyne. “The app is definitely narrowing the digital gap in Belgium.” itsme takes this societal role seriously and is highlighting this to mark its fourth birthday.

Flagey Academy

From their own voice in a choir to their own identity in our society

Finding their own voice and daring to use it is also important for the youngest people in society. That’s why itsme supports the Flagey Academy choral project in Brussels, which offers free musical training at a high level to children and young people aged 8 to 20. Through the project, youngsters of every social and cultural background are given the opportunity to develop musically.

Every young person in the choir has his or her unique vocal quality, but sings in harmony with the others in the choir. Which creates a direct parallel with itsme: the identity of every itsmeuser is unique, but thanks to the itsme app, everyone can participate quickly and safely in the digital society in which we live.

In the world of music, the score acts as a fixed framework in which the singers can work creatively. In the online world, itsme also provides a fixed framework, a recognisable standard that users can rely on and which gives companies the opportunity to expand their customer experience digitally. 

Flagey Academy has already been working for the past two years in various Brussels primary schools, where musical training is provided free of charge. The children are guided and accompanied during school hours by a team of professional musicians and teachers. This training, which is available to anyone who has the motivation, is only possible thanks to the support of the partners involved.

“The starting point of Flagey Academy is the voice, a universal and democratic instrument that everyone possesses and for which talent can genuinely be found anywhere,” says the founder and general manager of Flagey Academy, Gilles Ledure. “We work with the singers on their own voice and their own identity, but also on their place in the choir. The youngsters learn to apply their own voice as part of the common sound of the choir and in doing so, they create a harmonious whole. The thing we attach a great deal of importance to is that each child remains himself or herself, whatever his or her role in the choir may be.”

“Flagey Academy is proud of the partnership with itsme in which our shared values – inclusion, stability, identity – can be highlighted,” he continues. “itsme represents each and every one of us, providing a structure that is accessible for us all” continues Gilles Ledure.

Specially to mark the fourth birthday of itsme, several videoclips have been recorded in two primary schools in Brussels, where Flagey Academy organises choir rehearsals for children aged 8 to 12. These videos will be posted on social media during the birthday week.