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itsme signed a charter promoting digital inclusion

DigitAll is a Belgian coalition of businesses, social organisations and government bodies that are all working together to achieve greater digital inclusion. Recently, DigitAll launched an awareness campaign based on the topic “digital exclusion”. itsme has been a member of DigitAll since it was first established in 2020 and has signed a charter promoting greater digital inclusion with 45 other organisations. This charter contains 9 commitments for closing the digital divide.

The 9 commitments to close the digital divide

  • Identify and share best practices to improve digital inclusion.

  • Investigate what stands in the way of digital inclusion and work out appropriate joint actions.

  • Encourage those at the top of the organisation to engage with and help guide this commitment.

  • Improve digital inclusion in the organisation by encouraging internal training courses and sharing actions and progress.

  • Promote digital inclusion outside the organisation to increase the number of signatories to this charter and its impact.

  • Support campaigns that aim to make digital inclusion a priority, because the general public still has insufficient knowledge of the digital divide.

  • Introduce a procedure in the organisation to assess the extent to which digital inclusion is promoted among staff, customers and beneficiaries.

  • Set up actions to increase trust in digital tools, improve the sense of online security and arm users against possible abuse.

  • Monitor the application of this charter and assess this with all signatories after three years so as to work out possible next steps.