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Bsit adds itsme

Babysittings you can trust, safer than ever 

For 8 years now the Bsit app has been helping parents nationwide find a trustworthy local babysitter in just a few clicks, further enhancing the trust between parents and babysitters: they can now identify themselves via itsme

Since 2015, hundred of thousands of parents have searched and found a nearby and trustworthy babysitter, easily and swiftly, using the Bsit app. One of the app’s greatest features is that parents can see at a glance which babysitters are available in their area that meet their requirements. They can also read the recommendations of their acquaintances. The babysitters introduce themselves in a profile, with their availability, experience, and preferences. 

How are the parents and babysitters able to trust each other? The Bsit app includes a system of its own of ratings and reviews to create a trusting bond between parents and babysitters. Of course, Bsit already had various safety certifications, but to further enhance reliability at the point of identification, teaming up with itsme was a no-brainer. 

For over six years, itsme has been helping make users’ online lives not only more secure but easier too. Nearly 7 million Belgians use the app every day to identify themselves, connect quickly with full confidence, confirm transactions and sign electronic documents. 

Maxime Cogels, Bsit CEO: “By joining forces with itsme, we’re making it even more accessible to find a babysitter via Bsit. itsme is synonymous with trust, its integration in Bsit further strenghtens the trust of parents who were still doubtful. Parents and babysitters can meet in complete safety. The app works throughout Belgium but also beyond the Belgian borders. Currently, Bsit is also active in France and Luxembourg. This adds up to almost 1 million evenings in complete peace of mind thanks to Bsit." 

Stephanie De Bruyne, itsme CEO: “From this year, babysitters aged 16 and 17 can now confirm their identity in the Bsit app via itsme, as can parents seeking a reliable local babysitter via the Bsit app. Thanks to itsme, parents and babysitters can now identify themselves in a 100% safe, secure and easy way.”  


Did you know? 

On Bsit, 

  • 75% of parents find a babysitter within 500m of their home. 

  • 90% of babysitting requests receive a positive response within an hour. 

  • Unsurprisingly, Saturday is parents’ favourite night out of the week. Friday is hot on its heels and Thursday isn’t far behind. 

  • In 88% of cases, there’s less than a week between the demand of a babysitting job and the job itself.  

  • Almost half of them are booked less than 24 hours in advance. 

  • An average babysitting job lasts 4 hrs 38 mins. 

  • Bsit is mainly used by parents with children between 2 and 11 years old.