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Survey: when it comes to going online, Belgians want their data to be secure more than anything else

Today, security and efficiency are absolute priorities in the digital world, from both a business and private point of view. On a day-to-day basis, the various methods of authentication use a number of different criteria for identifying the customer (bankcard number, customer number, user name, etc.). All of this takes time and also increases the risk of being exposed to phishing attacks.

3 numbers to remember when it comes to your digital security

+85% per year: the constantly rising number of phishing attacks

65% of malicious e-mails aimed at “stealing ID details”

66% of phishing victims believe they will be scammed again one day

itsme: a unique solution in the fight against phishing

Since it was first launched, the aim of the itsme app has been to bring greater trust and dependability to users on every level.

Security: when you conduct a transaction online, a hacker could theoretically record your connection information and use it to access your ID details (identifier, password). But with itsme, a potential fraudster does not have this possibility. itsme operates solely through a successful combination of your smartphone, the itsme app and your personal itsme code or fingerprint.

It is also really important to underline that itsme will never ask to re-activate your account or to communicate your account data – neither per SMS, neither per mail, or via pop-ups.

Efficiency: itsme provides efficient and secure responses, using a clear procedure: “Enter your mobile phone number, confirm your identity with your bankcard or eID, receive a text message with a SMS verification code (5 digits), enter your personal itsme code and – abracadabra – it’s done!” As soon as you have created your account in this way, you can confirm your identity in total security using your 5-digit personal code or digital fingerprint in any application requiring strong authentication.

Transparency and control: the principle applied is as follows: “What you see is what you sign”. You know exactly what personal data you’re being asked to share and what action you need to do to provide confirmation. In practical terms, this means that if you receive a notification that you didn’t initiate in your itsme app, you can refuse it.

itsme: four unique solutions 

  • Easy identification, enabling you to share your identity details with the partner in question, while retaining your privacy

  • Secure authentication on websites, mobile applications or any other device or IoT application

  • Confirmation of an order or payment, without having to use a card reader

  • Signature of contracts that have the same legal value as a written signature. itsme has been a recognised “Qualified Trust Service Provider” since September 2018 and is recognised de facto as such in all other Member States. Its skills and expertise in this area have also won over some very demanding providers, including Microsoft and Adobe, as well as the Belgian government (MyPension, Student@Work, MyCareer, MyMinfin, municipal services, etc.), the MaSanté online medical service (Personal Health Viewer), human resources, accountants, the finance sector (Belfius, Bolero, BNP Paribas Fortis, Fintro, HelloBank!, ING, KBC/CBC, Alterfin and others), insurance companies (AXA, AP Assurances, AG Insurance, etc.), health insurance funds and many more.

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