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itsme wants to become the most secure and easiest-to-use digital identity for the Dutch

From now on, you can also use the itsme identity app in the Netherlands. With the recently secured capital injection of €24.7 million to fund its European growth, itsme aims to offer the Dutch market a secure digital identity app that is easy to use. So, what are the benefits the app is offering?

To begin with, no other identity app in the Netherlands offers such a wide range of services. itsme combines four functions in one app. itsme enables you to identify yourself and log into websites, confirm transactions and sign documents digitally.

itsme distinguishes itself from both DigiD and iDIN not only by its ease of use and the services it offers, but also by its interoperability. With itsme, you have one digital identity and hence just one app that you can use everywhere in exactly the same way and which is recognised and accredited by partners in both the private and public sectors.

What makes itsme so secure: privacy by design

The only way an action carried out with itsme can be confirmed, is through a unique combination of your smartphone, your app and your secret itsme code (or via biometrics). The app also gives you a crystal-clear insight into the action you are taking by indicating exactly what you are doing, what data are being shared and with whom.

An action with itsme can only be carried out after you, as the user, have given your explicit approval. This means you retain control over your data at all times. The app also gives you an overview of all of the actions you have carried out. Creating an itsme account takes just two minutes and is 100% digital and secure by reading your NFC ID or passport.

Highest eIDAS security status

All of which means that itsme meets the strictest security requirements. The itsme identity app has been recognised since December 2019 as electronic identification at the highest guarantee level of the European eIDAS regulation. This gives itsme the highest possible eIDAS security status. As a result, local authorities, businesses and other organisations where you can use itsme are also prepared for future laws and regulations and all comply immediately with European directives.

itsme has been recognised as an eIDAS Qualified Trust Service Provider since September 2018. That is why your signature validated by itsme comes within the ‘qualified’ category and so is considered equivalent to a handwritten or ‘wet’ signature and ensuring your itsme signature is recognised in every Member State of the European Union.


And if you share your data via itsme, it will always be in line with GDPR requirements. Each time itsme connects with a partner, a careful check is carried out to see which data may be shared. itsme is designed to be able to share data according to specific purposes. For example, a telecom provider may only need a telephone number, while a bank needs your full identity. itsme also complies with the banking sector’s PSD2 and AML guidelines.