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Qualified Electronic Signature

Sign with itsme via Adobe Acrobat Sign

Accelerate your business processes with electronic signatures. A smart combination between the unique mobile signature of itsme and Adobe Acrobat Sign. Get documents and forms signed easily, securely - anywhere.

A secure digital signature

  • Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES)

    As a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) itsme provides legally binding signatures and fully digital. No more documents to print, scan and archive. Sign all your contracts with itsme via Adobe Acrobat Sign.

  • Sign anywhere with your smartphone

    All your clients will "bring their own device". No need to invest in smart cards, card readers or hardware tokens anymore. You and your clients will be able to sign with your own smartphone and your itsme app.

  • Security at the highest level

    Security is the key to everything we do. itsme is ISO27001-certified, an eIDAS Trust Service Provider (QTSP) and respects GDPR, resulting in the best possible protection of your data and your signature.

How your customers sign with itsme

itsme Sign

All business can benefit

The itsme electronic signature is popular across many sectors and already numerous company’s in Belgium and The Netherlands, both private and public, sign their documents with itsme.

 A recognised reliable signature, signed in a blink of an eye.

Real estate
Bank and finance
Government and semi-government
Financial services
Human Resources
Liberal professions
  • 6,5 million+ itsme® users
  • 550+ companies adopted itsme® Sign
  • 1 million+ signatures with itsme®

A pricing tailor-made for your business

The creation and the use of an itsme account is free and available for citizens in Belgium and the Netherlands. From a few signatures a year all the way up to thousands of documents that requires a Qualified Electronic Signature, itsme has a tailor-made option for you.

How to get itsme on Adobe Acrobat Sign?

Digital signing in a digital world

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